Book a Consultation Call

15 Minute Consultation Call $20

The perfect option to ask a few questions and receive clarity, direction, and ideas for your next move. 

30 Minute Consultation Call $40

Save time in the growth of your business! Not only can I help you with  knowledge building, but also strategic vision to take your business to the next level. This option is perfect for getting down to business to brainstorm and talk ideas and strategy implementation!

60 Minute Consultation Call $80

The ultimate option if you need to get to the foundational items of your business, marketing, and general concerns. From here, we start at the basic level and build up. We'll cover everything from setting up a basic business plan outline, to market using traditional and non-traditional methods, all while working on your vision and implementing strategy. 

Call Time

Within 24 hours of paying for your consultation call, Nicholas will personally email you to set up a date and time that is convenient for you and he to conduct your consultation call. Stateside calls will be made by phone. International calls will be made via Skype. 

Please note: these consultation calls can be used for anything from the reselling business, marketing, social media marketing, or affiliate marketing. 

It's  advised that you have all of your questions written down and that you have a notepad and pen, or a computer, for taking notes during the call. It is my aim to pack as much value and content into these calls as possible and it would be very unfortunate to walk away from the call and forget the points that we cover during the conversation. 

Nicholas Woolsey