A QuickStart Guide to Digital Photography - for Beginners

If you haven't noticed, digital photography has been on the rise exponentially over the past decade. With "prosumer" DSLRs available on the market for a mere few hundred buck, all the way up to the $10,000 pro flagship cameras, photography is available to everyone. 

I wrote this ebook to educate and inform the newest of photographers on the basics on photography and how to operate their cameras. 

topics Covered

Shooting Modes

In this section I cover the different shooting modes available on DSLRs.

Exposure Triangle

In this section I cover the three settings that form the Exposure Triangle: Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO


In this section I cover a few of the different techniques used to compose a good quality photo.


In this section I very lightly cover a few of the basic lighting techniques that you should and should not use when photographing a subject.

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Author spotlight

Nicholas is a Couples’ Choice Award-winning, published professional photographer, specializing in weddings and portraiture. He started in 2010, working full-time as a photographer while simultaneously holding a full- time job. In June 2014, Nicholas quit his full-time job to work photography 100%.

He has been married for 10 years to Leona, and has 3 children: Ethan, Lilly, and Hunter. They reside in the countryside of Virginia.

Nicholas Woolsey

Nicholas Woolsey

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