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Eneloop Battery Regular Rechargeable Whites

I felt the need to write this review because I have a lot of photographers, both beginners and pros, ask me what kind of

batteries I use in my speed light and my flash triggers (transmitter/receivers). Batteries are a tricky subject. Often, they can be really expensive and not really put out very good results. So let me start at the onset of this post and say that I have used many different batteries for my photography equipment – from low-end disposable batteries from Dollar Tree (the worst), to the very best (in my opinion), the rechargeable Eneloop Battery by Panasonic.

One battery that I spent a while using, before the Eneloop Battery (pronounced: ANY-loop), was the Energizer Recharge® battery. These were very good for short photoshoots and portrait sessions, however, when it came to weddings, they just couldn't hold up. I found myself changing them out of my speed light 2-3 times at every wedding. I just don't have the time for that. On top of this, the speed light recycle time was not very great.

With the Eneloop Battery, the recycle time is virtually instant when the batteries are full, and then the recycle time lags about .5-1 second once the batteries become worn out. They come fully charged, from the factory, which is something that you don't normally see in electronics or batteries.

Eneloop Pro rechargeable battery

Now, the Eneloop Battery is a little more on the pricey side when it comes to something like batteries, however, they're not much more expensive than the Energizer Recharge® option. One key thing to keep in mind when buying rechargeable batteries, is to make sure you get the set with the charger the first time you buy them. Otherwise you'll be buying some really expensive disposables! Haha!

Now, the Eneloop batteries come in two options: the regular version (white) and the pro version (black). With the regulars, you have a very strong, reliable battery that boasts up to 2100 recharges and lasts 5 years (or longer). That's pretty amazing. With the pro version you basically have a rechargeable battery on steroids. While the pro version only boasts 500 recharges and a 1-2 year life, they really make up in the area of performance. Which, let's be real, is the reason they have a significantly shorter lifespan than the Regulars


If you want to look into buying your own set of Eneloop Rechargeable Batteries whether they be the Regular (White) or the Pros (Black), simply click one of the photos above!

Stay tuned for more awesome reviews and posts coming soon! To see more of the equipment that I use, please visit my Store.

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