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There are a lot of ways that you can go about photography education. There's crash-coursing it, college courses, mentorships that you can pay for, Youtube videos, and then there are my favorite: digital courses. The reason I like these so much is that they combine video education (similar to that of Youtube), but from a professional, and all for a much lower cost than college courses.
You may be asking why you you couldn't just go get the information for free from Youtube. You could, but then you have to spend time finding the specific videos that you want to watch, spend time watching them, and then if you ever want to reference them in the future, you have to spend more time looking for them again.

That is all avoided by learning with a digital course. These courses are built and curated specifically with the beginner photographer in mind, they are quite extensive, and they can be accessed from your home computer, a laptop or from your smartphone, while you are on the go! I found two courses online that are wonderful and that I believe could help you if you are wanting to gain a deeper understanding of photography.

What I have for you!

The first is the Photography Masterclass Video Course, put together by Evan Sharboneau, and this course is the real deal. In total, you'll receive 29 videos, totaling 11 1/2 hours of tutorials, covering everything from camera basics, all the way up to intermediate editing. I bought the course, and it's fantastic! And for $59, it's a steal. you can't even buy a college photography class textbook for $59!

The second is the Landscape Photography eBook by award winning photographer, Kajo Merkert. This ebook places a very direct approach toward landscape photography and how to use even the most entry-level DSLRs and equipment to get stunning landscape photos. He also teaches, in-depth, the editing, retouching, and blending processes. This ebook is priced at $19 and, believe me, it WAY underpriced.

I hope you find value from one of these products that I went out and found for you. I'm all about helping new photographers out, and I believe the Photography Masterclass Course and the Landscape eBook will do just that!

See them below for more info!

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