Photography Education Resources

But Why?

Photography Education is so important for new photographers. It’s no doubt that in today’s age, we must be constantly educating ourselves, especially so with how fast technology is moving forward. This goes for computers, social media and photography as well. I talk to, and meet, so many new photographers that want to learn photography in-depth but lack the time or finances that it takes to go to school to learn. Those that choose to learn online (via YouTube) often say that while it’s a great help, there are often many pieces that are simply not covered in the instruction. Many new photographers don’t know that there are online, learn-at-your-own-pace courses that you can buy, that don’t break the bank, that go far more in-depth than the average YouTube video. 

It is my goal to shed some light on this and to curate the best paid and free photography education learning resources on the market to help the budding photographer. Below you will find a handful of some of the better courses and ebooks that I’ve found, purchased, and learned from. You’ll also find a couple of my personal YouTube tutorial videos. I hope you enjoy and get value from this page!

Top resources, amazing offers!

FroKnows Photography Course

FroKnows Photos Video Course: $67

Perhaps the most comprehensive, 3 hour long video course on digital photography covering all of the basics to advanced topics. 

Learn Photo Editing Course

Learn Photo Editing Course: $27

A must have if you are getting into photography and need to learn editing, the process and 

Photography Masterclass Video Course

Photography Masterclass Video Course: $59

A complete and detailed step-by-step training program that will teach you how to capture pro photos with any DSLR in any situation. 

Complete DSLR Guide eBook

The Complete DSLR Guide eBook: $19

This ebook is one that goes relatively in depth to teach the beginner and intermediate photographer.

Digicam Cash

Digicam Cash Program: $47

DigicamCash is a proven system that shows you step-by-step how to submit your amateur or professional photos online for money.

• You only submit your photo once and every time it’s download – you get paid.
• There is no limit to the number of photos you can submit.
• Your images can be downloaded 24-7 from anywhere in the world.
• You can choose your own hours.
• You can start right now!

Guide to Digital Photography for Beginners

A QuickStart Guide to Digital Photography for Beginners eBook: Free

This ebook is one that I wrote myself and is the Lite Version to the followup ebook that I wrote that costs extra. In this ebook I cover all of the basics of starting in digital photography. 

My YouTube Tutorial Videos

5 Lens Hacks for Your DSLR

In this video I take time to show you how to use random objects around your house with your DSLR lens to make interesting and artistic photos. 

Digital Photography Focus Explained

In this video I take time to show you the differences between auto and manual focus. I also show you an awesome shortcut to getting an INCREDIBLY sharp focus, every time! 

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